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Lastovo archipelago

An island of unbelievable beauty, rich traditions and genuine enjoyment away from civilization.
Lastovo is the youngest nature park in Croatia, 2006. The maintenance of untouched nature greatly influenced its distance and the arrival with a boat to it from the mainland lasts for 4 hours. Visitors who come to Lastovo do not know whether they are having a better arrival at the port of Pasadur on its northern side or in any other bay overlooking the island.

The Lastovo Islands are a group of 44 islands, islets and rocks and as such is one of the most developed ones.

The nature of the island is manifested in fertile fields, dense forests, high coastal steppes, mainland and underwater caves. Animal world is full with its abundance of rare land and sea species.

Life on such a remote island caused the development of the richness of tradition and culture that is nurtured to this day.

There are popular traditions and costumes of this island, to which its inhabitants are extremely proud.

In recent times one of the most significant events is the Lastovo carnival.

Arrival to the island in a private arrangement is reserved for the most experienced sailors due to its distance and developed cost. One of the most interesting sites of Lastovo islands the islets with lighthouses, Sušac, Tajana, Glavata and Struga. Located on the rugged cliffs, once the main signaling on the sea, today special attention is drawn to lovers of romance, those who want to enjoy in the isolated wilderness.

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